Bedtime story: Violet and the letter from Santa

Bedtime story: Violet and the letter from Santa

Find out how a fairy called Violet and a letter from Santa changes Christmas for a naughty boy…

It was a wonderfully warm and pleasant day in late summer. The sun was shining through a perfectly clear blue sky and a gentle breeze carried the elegant scent of flowers through the air.

Violet rested in the rich green grass with a cool, homemade lemonade. “Ahhh…” said Violet as she gently fluttered her wings in the warm sunlight. Violet had spent the morning tending to her garden, which was perfect in every way. The flowers that lined the walkways were big, colourful and danced with butterflies and the Honeysuckle and Snapdragons were full of honeybees happily going about their day.

Violet sat, thinking about how she started the garden with a single acorn. That acorn was now a towering, 400 year old oak tree.

400 years? I hear you ask. Well, yes, didn’t I mention that Violet was a Garden Fairy? And not just any Garden Fairy. Violet was over 400 years old, so she had a lot of friends. From Gus the Robin who visited her garden every day to Buddy the Elf who would invite her to Lapland as summer drew to a close. In fact, in these last few days of summer, Violet was very excited to see all her friends in Lapland. So excited, she decided to leave early this year.

As Violet began to pack her warm clothes, she heard a loud CRASH and BANG coming from next door. And the muffled sound of squabbling. It sounded like Max, the little boy next door was being naughty again.

About 4 weeks ago, Violet was washing the dishes when she heard Max shouting at his little sister “No, you can’t play with my toys because they are MINE!”

Then maybe 3 weeks ago, Violet heard Max arguing with his daddy “I don’t want dinner, I want SWEEEEEETS!”

And 2 weeks ago, Violet was getting ready for bed when Max began shouting “It’s not fair. I’m not tired. I’m not going to BED!”

And only last week, Violet heard Max telling his mummy “It’s your fault I drew on the wall. I was BORED!”

“Still, not to worry.” thought Violet. “By the time I get back from Lapland, maybe Max will be a good boy”. And with a flick of her wings and a flash of magic, PING, Violet was on her way to Lapland.

When Violet arrived at Lapland she could see her breath in the cold, crisp air and hear the crunch of fresh snow under her feet. She could see Yule Lodge lit up in fairy lights of all colours and the reindeer flying high on the horizon playing hide and seek in the clouds.

Violet could smell freshly cooked doughnuts, cinnamon and sweet treats. She could hear laughter, Christmas music and a voice she recognised instantly.

“Helloooooooo!” called Buddy The Elf from the top window of Santa’s Grotto. Violet flew up to the window and gave Buddy a big hung.

“I’m so glad you are here!” exclaimed Buddy, “The Nice List is the longest I’ve ever seen so Mrs Claus has asked me to help her with it!”

“That’s wonderful!” Said Violet. “Do you need an extra pair of hands?”

“Yes please. Would you be able to look after the Naughty List and report back to Santa?” Said Buddy.

And with that Violet got to work checking the names on the Naughty List. She worked through the names in alphabetical order. A’s, B’s, C’s there were no D’s, and before she knew it, she was on the “M”s. As she looked over the M’s, her heart broke as she saw Max, the little boy from next door was on the Naughty List. Violet closed the Naughty List and a tear rolled down her cheek and onto the oak table where it sat sparkling in the candle light.

“Tell me Violet, why are you crying?” Came a warm, gentle voice from across the room.

Violet looked up and was amazed to see Santa, dressed in his red and white robe, standing in the doorway with his big fluffy slippers on.

“Santa…” started Violet, “I know a little boy on the Naughtly List. His name is Max. I know he can be naughty but on Christmas morning, will he really not receive any presents?”

“Only good little boys and girls can receive a present on Christmas morning.” Explained Santa.

“Santa, is it too late for Max. If he was a good boy from now until Christmas, could he get onto the Nice List?” Asked Violet.

“I tell you what.” Santa began, “If I write to Max and ask him to be a good boy for this mummy and daddy, could you deliver the letter for me?”

“Yes, definitely! I’ll take it tonight!”

And with that, Santa pulled up a chair at the table and popped on his glasses. Two elves, Jingle and Jangle, entered the room. One with a piece of paper, the other with Santa’s special pen. Santa got to work writing Max his very own letter from Santa.

The letter from Santa explained that Max had been a good boy, but he needed to try harder.

“What do you think Max needs to work on?” Asked Santa.

“Playing nicely with his sister and sharing his toys.” Said Violet.


“Erm, I know. Making sure he eats all of his dinner.”


“What about… going to bed when mummy and daddy say it’s bedtime?”

“That’s a good one” Said Santa. “Check.”

“And lastly, respecting his home and not drawing on the walls.”


The letter from Santa was signed, popped into an envelope and handed to Violet. Violet only had enough magic to make one trip. She knew she couldn’t come back to Lapland again this year, but without hesitation and with a flick of her wings and a flash of magic, PING, Violet was back in her garden.

Of course, Violet delivered the letter from Santa to Max. She waited until midnight and flew down the chimney, leaving the letter to be found on the fireplace that very next morning.

I guess you’re wondering if Max made it onto the Nice List? Well, it was a close one, until 9pm on Christmas Eve when a little sister who was scared of the dark asked her big brother if she could sleep in his bed with him. No one knew of the conversation between brother and sister but when mummy and daddy saw Max and Fiona cuddled up fast asleep that night, Max’s name magically appeared on a present in Santa’s sleigh.


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Bedtime Story: Brooke gets a letter from Santa

Bedtime Story: Brooke gets a letter from Santa

Brooke loves Christmas. And ice cream. But what happens when Santa send Brooke a letter from Santa inviting her for ice cream on Christmas Day…

Just like you, and just like me, Brooke loves Christmas time. She loves decorating the house with Mummy. She loves watching Christmas movies with her brother. She loves helping to make hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles with Daddy. She loves playing games with her grandparents by the warm light of the Christmas tree when they visit for Christmas dinner. 

But there is one thing that Brooke loves just as much, if not more than, Christmas. And that was ice cream.

Ice cream? Yes, that’s right. Strawberry ice cream. Vanilla ice cream. Mint ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Brooke loved them all. But she couldn’t decide on her favourite.

Last Christmas, just as Mummy was about to call everyone to the table for dinner, something magical happened.

As the log fire crackled and popped and Christmas music played, as the fairy lights danced and snow fell, a magical, red envelope appeared in the Christmas tree. It had Brooke’s name on it and was franked with Postmarks from the North Pole.

Curiosity got the better of Brooke. She reached up into the Christmas tree, excitedly plucking the envelope from between the shiny Christmas decorations and popped open the wax seal on the back of the envelope.

She began to read…

 “Dear Brooke, it’s with great pleasure I can announce you’ve made it onto my Nice List.” 

It was a letter from Santa! Brooke’s tummy danced with butterflies of excitement as she read on.

“Mrs Claus told me how much you love ice cream. Is that right Brooke?” 

Brooke nodded, wide eyed as she continued to read her letter from Santa.

“My elves love ice cream too. In fact, they love ice cream so much that they have built an amazing ice cream machine.”

Brooke wished she could visit the elves and see their amazing ice cream machine.

“Christmas dinner is ready.” Called Mummy from the kitchen. Brooke, couldn’t wait to show everyone her letter from Santa and tell them about the amazing ice cream machine that the elves had made. Brooke headed for the kitchen when suddenly her nose began to twitch.

“Ah. Ahh. Ahhh. Choooooooooo…!” and PING!

A bright flash of magical light dazzled Brooke. She opened her eyes and to her amazement the room was filled with Santa’s elves, his reindeer, Mrs Claus and even Santa himself! 

“As I was saying Brooke,” Santa continued “the elves have built an amazing ice cream machine. Would you like to try some ice cream?”

Brooke did. She looked at the ice cream machine but there were far too many flavours to choose from.

“What are your favourite foods?” Asked Jingle the elf. “Our amazing ice cream machine can make all sorts of yummy flavours.”

“Well,” said Brooke, “I like fish fingers.”

“Oh, our amazing ice cream machine can’t make fish finger ice cream.” Said Jingle.

“Hmmm, what about pain au chocolate?”

“No, our amazing ice cream machine can’t make pain au chocolate ice cream either” said Jangle.

“How about noodles?”


“Tomato ketchup?”



Jingle looked up. “Grapes are close to blueberries. Our amazing ice cream machine can make blueberry ice cream!”

“Yuk! That’s not even close.” Said Brooke.

“They’re both berries and they’re both purple.” Said Jingle. 

Brooke crossed her arms and shook her head. 

“What about hotdogs with mustard?” suggested Brooke.

“Or spaghetti bolognaise?”

“Or cheese sandwich!?” 

But the amazing ice cream machine couldn’t make hotdog, bolognaise or cheese sandwich flavoured ice cream.

“Chocolate?” Brooke asked.

 “Ah!” exclaimed Santa “Jangle, you gave Mrs Claus a chocolate ice cream earlier today didn’t you?”

“That was our last chocolate ice cream.” Admitted a disappointed Jangle. 

“It’s OK.” Said Brooke.

“Brooke, how about you close your eyes and I pick some amazing flavours for you to try?” Asked Santa.

Brooke closed her eyes and the elves fired up the amazing ice cream machine. It whistled, gurgled and popped into life. 

“Open wide!” Said Santa, as he put the first of the amazing flavours in Brooke’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” Said Brooke. “Roast potatoes. I love roast potatoes!”

“Open wide!” Said Santa again. 

“Oh wow!” Said Brooke “Carrots, peas and gravy!”

“I’ve saved the best for last.” Exclaimed Santa.

Brooke opened wide “Mmmmmm! It’s my favourite. Roast chicken and stuffing!” cried Brooke with joy.

The elves, Mrs Claus, Santa and the reindeer laughed aloud but started to become quieter.

And quieter.

And quieter.

Brooke opened her eyes. 

“Ah, there you are!” Said Mummy, “Well done, you’ve eaten all of your Christmas dinner!” 

“I ate it all…?” Asked Brooke, confused.

“You sure did.” said Grandad.

“You’ll grow to be big and strong if you keep eating all of your dinners up like a big girl” added Nanny. 

“Would you like dessert?” Asked Daddy.

“What is it?” Brooke replied. 

“ICE CREAM, of course!” Laughed everyone.


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Bedtime Story: Carter’s Letter From Santa

Bedtime Story: Carter’s Letter From Santa

Carter forgets to help his Mummy. Until one Christmas, Santa forgets Carter… find out how a letter from Santa Claus changes Christmas for Carter.

Like most little boys and girls, Carter loved to play. He played football with his friends. He played shops with his sister. He played hide and seek with his cousins. He even played pranks on his Daddy. If there was one thing Carter loved to do, it was play. His mind was full of fun things to do and games to play, so much so that whenever his Mummy asked Carter to do something, he would always get distracted and end up saying “Sorry Mummy, I forgot…”

There was the time Mummy asked Carter to make his bed. Carter began to make his bed but making a tent out of the covers was far more fun! When mummy asked “Carter, have you made your bed?”, Carter said “Sorry Mummy, I forgot.”

I remember one time not so long ago when Daddy asked Carter if he would tidy away his toys, which Carter started to do. But, why put toys away when he could play with them? Carter thought a better idea would be to get more toys from the toy cupboard. That way, he and his teddies could play all afternoon. When Daddy asked “Carter, have you tidied your toys away?”, Carter said “Sorry Daddy, I forgot.”

Christmas was just around the corner. It was a cold, crisp December evening. Carter played with his sister while Mummy put on Christmas songs and Daddy lit the log fire. As the fire popped and crackled, Carter could sense that tonight was a special night. Mummy and Daddy began to put up the Christmas decorations! First it was the twinkling tinsel. Then the garlands. Then the Christmas tree and finally the wreath for the front door. When everything was just so, Mummy made everyone a hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows when Carter noticed a red envelope snuggling in the Christmas tree.

The envelope had his name written on it and it had North Pole postmarks. It was sealed with a real wax seal and was surely from Santa Claus himself. Carter’s sister also got a letter from Santa.

Carter opened his letter from Santa and Mummy read it to him. Santa praised Carter for being a good boy and congratulated him for getting onto the nice list. In Carter’s letter from Santa, Santa said that he was very pleased with Carter but he must help Mummy and Daddy more and mustn’t “forget” to do his chores.

The next day Carter was playing chase with his friends, when Mummy asked Carter to post a Christmas card through the neighbour’s door. Carter took the card, but couldn’t resist chasing the boys and girls through the street as they continued to play. When Mummy called Carter for dinner, Mummy asked “Carter, did you post the Christmas card?”. Carter said “Sorry Mummy, I forgot.”

That night Carter wrote a letter to Santa asking for all sorts of wonderful toys and presents for Christmas. Carter placed his letter by the fireplace and by morning it had magically disappeared, made its way to Lapland and landed on Santa’s writing desk.

Christmas Day soon came around and Carter jumped out of bed, woke his sister and they both rushed to the Christmas tree so see what wonderful gifts Santa had delivered. As Carter searched and read each gift tag he began to realise something was wrong. None of the presents under the tree were for Carter. There was however a letter from Santa. Carter opened the letter and passed it to his Mummy to read.

“Dear Carter, I’m very sorry, I forgot to put your gifts in my sleigh last night. If anyone knows how easy it is to forget things, it’s you!”

Carter was very sad. His eyes filled with tears as he realised the lesson Santa was teaching. He looked at the floor, with tears in his eyes, when he noticed big boot footprints leading from the chimney to the Christmas tree, doubling back and heading into the kitchen.

Carter followed them into the kitchen where, to his surprise and delight he found a stack of beautiful wrapped Christmas presents. Checking each gift tag his heart was filled with joy. Santa hadn’t forgotten, every present was for Carter! There was also one final letter from Santa which explained the lesson to be learnt.

I guess you are wondering if Carter learnt his lesson? Not entirely. Carter loved to play so he sometimes forgot about his chores but when he did, Carter’s Mummy would say “Remember Sweetie, Santa doesn’t forget.”

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