Bedtime Story: Carter’s Letter From Santa

Bedtime Story: Carter’s Letter From Santa

Carter forgets to help his Mummy. Until one Christmas, Santa forgets Carter… find out how a letter from Santa Claus changes Christmas for Carter.

Like most little boys and girls, Carter loved to play. He played football with his friends. He played shops with his sister. He played hide and seek with his cousins. He even played pranks on his Daddy. If there was one thing Carter loved to do, it was play. His mind was full of fun things to do and games to play, so much so that whenever his Mummy asked Carter to do something, he would always get distracted and end up saying “Sorry Mummy, I forgot…”

There was the time Mummy asked Carter to make his bed. Carter began to make his bed but making a tent out of the covers was far more fun! When mummy asked “Carter, have you made your bed?”, Carter said “Sorry Mummy, I forgot.”

I remember one time not so long ago when Daddy asked Carter if he would tidy away his toys, which Carter started to do. But, why put toys away when he could play with them? Carter thought a better idea would be to get more toys from the toy cupboard. That way, he and his teddies could play all afternoon. When Daddy asked “Carter, have you tidied your toys away?”, Carter said “Sorry Daddy, I forgot.”

Christmas was just around the corner. It was a cold, crisp December evening. Carter played with his sister while Mummy put on Christmas songs and Daddy lit the log fire. As the fire popped and crackled, Carter could sense that tonight was a special night. Mummy and Daddy began to put up the Christmas decorations! First it was the twinkling tinsel. Then the garlands. Then the Christmas tree and finally the wreath for the front door. When everything was just so, Mummy made everyone a hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows when Carter noticed a red envelope snuggling in the Christmas tree.

The envelope had his name written on it and it had North Pole postmarks. It was sealed with a real wax seal and was surely from Santa Claus himself. Carter’s sister also got a letter from Santa.

Carter opened his letter from Santa and Mummy read it to him. Santa praised Carter for being a good boy and congratulated him for getting onto the nice list. In Carter’s letter from Santa, Santa said that he was very pleased with Carter but he must help Mummy and Daddy more and mustn’t “forget” to do his chores.

The next day Carter was playing chase with his friends, when Mummy asked Carter to post a Christmas card through the neighbour’s door. Carter took the card, but couldn’t resist chasing the boys and girls through the street as they continued to play. When Mummy called Carter for dinner, Mummy asked “Carter, did you post the Christmas card?”. Carter said “Sorry Mummy, I forgot.”

That night Carter wrote a letter to Santa asking for all sorts of wonderful toys and presents for Christmas. Carter placed his letter by the fireplace and by morning it had magically disappeared, made its way to Lapland and landed on Santa’s writing desk.

Christmas Day soon came around and Carter jumped out of bed, woke his sister and they both rushed to the Christmas tree so see what wonderful gifts Santa had delivered. As Carter searched and read each gift tag he began to realise something was wrong. None of the presents under the tree were for Carter. There was however a letter from Santa. Carter opened the letter and passed it to his Mummy to read.

“Dear Carter, I’m very sorry, I forgot to put your gifts in my sleigh last night. If anyone knows how easy it is to forget things, it’s you!”

Carter was very sad. His eyes filled with tears as he realised the lesson Santa was teaching. He looked at the floor, with tears in his eyes, when he noticed big boot footprints leading from the chimney to the Christmas tree, doubling back and heading into the kitchen.

Carter followed them into the kitchen where, to his surprise and delight he found a stack of beautiful wrapped Christmas presents. Checking each gift tag his heart was filled with joy. Santa hadn’t forgotten, every present was for Carter! There was also one final letter from Santa which explained the lesson to be learnt.

I guess you are wondering if Carter learnt his lesson? Not entirely. Carter loved to play so he sometimes forgot about his chores but when he did, Carter’s Mummy would say “Remember Sweetie, Santa doesn’t forget.”

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