Enjoy a discount and our price freeze


Being a parent, I understand that Christmas is expensive enough. So, not only am I freezing our prices from 2021 for 2022, but I’m also offering all of our customers a 5% discount on any of my letters from Santa.

It’s really easy to claim your discount. Head over to our website and leave a review on one of our product pages. If your review is published, you’ll automatically receive a discount code which will be sent straight to your inbox – so make sure you check your email address is correct before submitting your review!

Wishing all of my customers a very happy Christmas!



2 Replies to “Enjoy a discount and our price freeze”

  1. Excellent services I would recommended to all my friends. Great!

  2. Jade Marshall-Wright

    Great service and company. ‘Mrs Claus’ has provided first class customer service for a very unique situation and she clearly understands her customers. Thank you and keep up the great work. Jade.


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