Reindeer training With Bailey the Elf.

Reindeer training with Bailey the Elf

Get ready for a North Pole adventure with Elf Bailey! He makes toys, plays super-fun games, and even helps a new reindeer named Rudolph learn to fly! Discover how believing in yourself makes magical things happen!

Christmas is a magical time. Mummies get to give treats, hugs and kisses. Daddies get to put up Christmas decorations and play Christmas music. Children get to play games and have more fun than at any other time of the year. And Elves. Well, Elves get up to all sorts of fun things! If you think you enjoy Christmas, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen what Elves get up to at this magical time of year.

Bailey was one such Elf. Every morning Bailey would wake with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. It was December, at the North Pole, the best time to be an Elf!

Bailey started the day by brushing his teeth, beard and shoes. He would look out of his bedroom window, through the frost kissed glass at the falling snow and sparkling, frozen forest outside.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Bailey helped Santa in the toy factory. He made all kinds of wonderful toys for the children on Santa’s nice list. Bailey made bikes, scooters, dollies, prams, computer games and even game consoles. There was nothing that he couldn’t make.

Bailey especially loved Friday’s at the North Pole. Friday was known as “Fun Friday” when all his friends would come to play.

They would play Hide and Seek, Chase, Duck Duck Goose and The Floor Is Lava.

They would drink milkshakes, fizzy pop and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

They would eat fizzy sweets, jelly, ice cream and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

They would tell stories about pirates, dinosaurs, princesses and unicorns. I even heard Bailey tell a story about when he saved the Tooth Fairy from a big scary lion.

Then, one Friday, Bailey woke to find a letter from Santa at the side of his bed. The letter from Santa read, “Dear Bailey, Head Elves Jingle and Jangle cannot make reindeer training today. Would you like to help me train the reindeer?”

Bailey could not believe his eyes. He read the letter from Santa over, and over, and over, each time becoming more and more excited.

In a flash, Bailey had brushed his teeth, beard and boots and was dressed and heading to the reindeer stable. Butterflies of excitement filled his tummy and what started as a walk quickly turned into a skip. Then a jog. And then a run as he couldn’t contain his excitement. Word spread fast and his friends cheered and high-fived Bailey as he passed through Santa’s Grotto and on towards the reindeer stable.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen we’re already playing in the snow when Bailey arrived. Bailey could hear Santa laughing and talking to someone in the stable. It was a young, new reindeer that Bailey hadn’t seen before.

“This is Rudolph.” Explained Santa. “Rudolph is my new reindeer. He hasn’t flown before so today we are going to practice take offs.”

“First,” said Santa, “We are going to show Rudolph how it’s done.”

Bailey watched as Santa saddled up the other reindeer and prepared them for take off.

The reindeer lined up and one after another their hooves began to sparkle with magic and the cold, crisp air began to shake as they galloped out onto the snowy field. The cold air turned warm with Christmas magic as one by one the reindeer soared into the clear, bright morning sky.

Bailey turned to Rudolph and asked, “Wow! Do you think you can do that Rudolph?”.

“I’m not sure.” he replied, “I’m scared of heights.”

“I heard a story once,” started Santa, “A story about an Elf that was scared of lions but was very brave and saved the Tooth Fairy from one once. Do you know that story Bailey?”.

Bailey blushed. He did know that story. He knew it very well.

Bailey told Rudolph all about the time the Tooth Fairy invited him to go with her to collect a tooth from a big, scary, lion. And how the lion woke when they were pulling the tooth from below his big fluffy pillow. Bailey told Rudolph how scared he was.

“I was really scared. And then I took a few deep breaths to calm myself.” Explained Bailey.

“Deep breaths?” Asked Rudolph.

“Yes, as I breathed, I got calmer and I began to believe in myself. I told myself how good I was at everything from making toys to having fun. And the more I believed in myself, the braver I became.”

Rudolph thought about Bailey’s story as he left the stable. He listened to the crunch of fresh snow as he walked out onto the field and began to take deep breaths to calm his nerves. As he became calmer, Rudolph began to believe. His hooves began to twinkle and sparkle with Christmas magic. The more he believed, the stronger the magic became until Rudolph couldn’t resist the urge to run. Again, the cold, crisp morning air became warm as Rudolph ran and with a flash of magic Rudolph took off!

He soared through the sky laughing with excitement as the other reindeer joined him.

“Thank you.” Said Santa to Bailey.

“What for?” Asked Bailey.

“For believing in yourself and helping Rudolph believe in himself.”

Bailey looked at the floor, proud and with a smile on his face.

“If you believe in yourself, anything, even magic, is possible.” Said Santa.

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  1. June merralls

    These stories are so imaginative and magical. What a great company. We’re really pleased with our letters from Santa for the grandchildren as well.


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